Throttle Stop Help

I purchased the Yamaha AIS kit with the YZ throttle stop. I took the throttle stop out of my WR450 and was ready to install the new stop. I noticed that the new stop was the same length as the stop I just removed.

Did I already have the YZ stop in my 06 WR450 straight from the dealer?

Did Yamaha make a mistake in my kit and put a WR stop in the kit?

Can someone measure the YZ throttle stop and post the length or PM the length?

My '05 WR450 also had the YZ throttle stop installed. The bike was purchased at LA Yamaha. Was yours??

I got my 06 at LA YAMAHA and mine already had the yz stop in it.

I purchased it from Santa Clarita Motorsports. They gave me the same price as LA.

alot of the dealers change it out before its sold. I suppose they dont like customers coming back griping about how slow the bike is :thumbsup:

The total length of (end to end) of the YZ stop is 0.975".

The WR stock stop shoild be 1.30"

Thanks. I will measure it tonight when I get home from work.

Got my 06 WR from LA Yamaha and the service guy told me that they were

changing to a YZ throttle stop. He said that is standard procedure when they sell a WR. :thumbsup:

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