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Slowly but surely, we are all losing Off Road land use(read the new EPA standard for 2006 and newer bikes). We need to start sending a message now or our kids and their kids will have no place to ride. Question, when was the last time any of us heard about the AMA purchasing or saving Off Road Land or a Motocross Track?

This post will never expire and either will this issue so please send the following, ANYTIME, and as many times as you please!

Please send the following to the AMA so we can get some answers!


Attention: AMA

The AMA is an organization that is supposed to be fighting for our right to ride 12 months out of the year. The Federal Government EPA Standards allow for this in 49 states, but NOT in California. With the new 2006 and newer motorcycle models this will happen in all the other states as well. AMA, we need your help now more than ever!

1.) Why is CARB allowed to override the Federal Governments EPA

standard for Motorcycles?

2.) Why has the AMA not challenged the CARB-Laws standards that are in

violation of the Federal government laws?

3.) In the last 18 months, how many acres of Off Road riding areas has the

AMA secured for the Off Road motorcycle riders of America? Please provide

by State?

4.) How many more acres of land does the AMA plan on securing for us?

5.) How can the EPA have any kind of standard over our Motorcycles when there is no testing facilities?


email the AMA from here!

Vice President: Edward Moreland

Director of State Affairs: Sean Maher

Legislative Affairs Specialist (On-Road Issues): Imre Szauter

Legislative Affairs Specialist (Off-Road Issues): Royce Wood

Grassroots Manager: Terry Lee Cook

Legislative Assistant: Peter Nonis

Western States Representative: Nick Haris

Legislative Coordinator: Sharon Smolinka ssmolinka@ama-cycle.or

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