Looking for input: XR performance mods

I'm just about to tear into a full engine rebuild on the 01 XR650 I picked up recently and I'm looking to get input on practical upgrades to enhance reliability and liven it up a bit. This will be a dual purpose bike as I'm going to eventually have both street and dirt setups, I want to be able to run pump gas as well. The bike already has a white bros silencer w/stock header and all the smog crap is history.

Right now I'm thinking of a higher compression piston, carrillo rod and roller crank bearing, porting and polishing and a cam (along with fresh bearings, seals, etc). Maybe valves/springs/guides at the same time and an edelbrock carb somewhere down the line. After reading a ton of forums and sites I'm still pondering the return on effort and expenditure with regard to aftermarket components. What mods have you all found to be the most cost effective? Any and all feedback is welcomed!



:thumbsup: R or L? :thumbsup:


Its an R

Is your bike the one from Craigslist and Fairfax? If so, that was a great deal. Wish I had gotten it.

Getting power and keeping reliability is a science. Here is the way to do it

XR's only hass a high compression piston but don't go over 12:1, get a stage one cam, replace the valve springs with quality aftermarket ones and ti retainers, and have the piston coated for extra cooling and reliability. Get a 3 angle valve job, and have the head ports cleaned up or get a mild port job. Get a really good quality pipe, and a twin air filter, and maybe go to a Keihin FCR41 carb kit. The bike will absolutely rip and stay together as well as a stocker. Just dont go crazy, with all this you are probably looking at an honest 50HP at the rear wheel.

Yep, this is the bike from CL. I just lucked out and was one of the first to respond.

done my xr a few months ago.

11.1 wiseco piston,

hotcam stage 1,

head porting myself(used to do this for a living)

mikuni tm40 carb,

full Akcropovic exhaust,

side panel airbox mod.

59.83 @ the wheel. over 60 on a cold day,

48 flb,s of torque.

Uncork it, Stage 1 cam, kibblewhite valve springs with Ti retainers, edelbrock carb, uni filter. You don't need a carillo rod. Higher comp piston would help but not necessary. Stock exhaust.

My bike wheelies in 4 gears without the clutch with a 13/47 gearing. What more do you need?

Wheelies in 3 gears on the street with supermoto setup not using the clutch. Gearing 15/45. Top speed 100MPH and can easily do more with gearing change.

Thanks for all the great feedback. 60hp at the wheel with those upgrades is awesome! The wiseco 11:1 piston kit is within dollars of the stocker so why not? Sounds like keeping the motor close to stock with minor upgrades is the ticket. Looks like my budget will go farther than I thought! I'll try to shoot some 'before' shots tomorrow if the weather breaks, I'm dying to rip this thing apart, clean it up good, dig into the motor and get it back together!

Should I worry about swapping out the connecting rod bushing with a roller bearing or should I just leave it be?

Barnum 680 kit will make it run sweet. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Don't know where you are in Cali, but if you live near San Diego, you can test out my bike. It's got the full 680 treatment, Edelbrock, etc. Drop me a PM if your interested. :thumbsup:

Don't know where you are in Cali, but if you live near San Diego, you can test out my bike. It's got the full 680 treatment, Edelbrock, etc. Drop me a PM if your interested. :thumbsup:

I'm nowhere near San Diego and am totally interested. (j/k) 17 years of immaturity and 125 lbs of me coupled with an XR680 just doesn't seem like a good idea.

If I had my XR650R supermoto when I was 17

or my rc-51 for that matter....

I'd have made a good looking corpse

what was left of me anyhow.

Thanks Naru, I'm up in the SF bay area though. Shooting you a PM anyway about your bike.



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