Sticking float vavle?

Has anyone else noticed thier WR450F's float valve sticking open after the bike has been parked for awhile with a drained carb? My 2006 has done it twice this winter.

The first time I filled the carb till it started to overflow and then ran the bike around for awhile and it loosened up. I haven't had time to try this to see if it loosens up again. I have a 2002 KTM400 EXC and it has never done this before. I just checked it and the float vavle was stuck on it as well.

I guess it could be the fuel because I don't use stablizer and the fuel in both bikes came from the same source. I normally just drain the carbs. I haven't ran them over the winter as much as I usually do.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?


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