Trailer Help

Gday guys just wondering if any of you's have dimensions for a 6/4 3 bike trailer i need the measurements as i want to build one soon, my brother has just bought a bike so the two bikes dont fit right in a standard 6 by 4.


Tailers can seem simple, but are really tricky.

go to and pay a very small amount for the blue prints and material list to a DOT approved trailer.

Using this, you would only have to buy the materials and assemble it according to the plans.

flip your bikes front to back (so the handlebars are opposite ends from eachother). Not sure what kind of trailer you have, but I have a small utility trailer same dementions (6'x3.75' so its actually a little smaller) and I fit 2 bikes easily.

mauricedorris is right. they seem simple, but are more involved than what i guessed.

I got this trailer thrown in with an old it 175 i bought for the wife

and the c section rails in it were rusted out and fatigued so i thought i'd just replace the rails that the bike sits in. turns out that basically is the trailer and i was left with the drawbar, axles and springs, and guards.

so i made a few extra storage bits on it, put some floor in it, new tyres and electrics and including my time i probably saved $50 as a new trailer like this is as little as $600 brand new.

it is a top trailer, can handle 150kmh with bike on. ( forgot about it when i was in a hurry) but now i need a bigger one, too many bikes, another kid coming.

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