Adding a headlight/tail light switch.

Has anyone ever added a switch to kill the head and tail light? For stealth mode riding ya know...

Electrically I know where to do it, but where to get a good allweather switch?

Just go buy the wire harness for a 2003 wr which already has the switch inline. That is the short one from under the tank to the headlight. Personally I like to ride with my light on so that I can be SEEN.


I want to add a switch also because sometimes you just don't want to be seen.


Easy to do, been there, done it! Check "my garage" and click on the "WR" and one of the thumbnails, you'll see my switch. Its a K&S switch, I installed it in place of the kill switch, and it give me headlights on, off and lo or hi beam plus kill. When its off, it kills the tail lamp also. I have posted the wiring breakdown, ie which colro goes where. Do a search. This exact question was alswered about 6 months ago, maybe a bit more. I have a wiring diagram posted in addition.

Cool... Thanks

I guess I can't understand why someone would want to be "unseen" I'm not trying to be a butthead, I just have pictures of my mind of running from the cops or riding on land where you don't have permission. Don't take this as an accusation, I just can't come up with any other reason for it. Why would you want to be "unseen"

I can't speak for anyone else but for me there are times when I might need to either cross a rural public road or drive on the side of the road for short distances to get from trail to trail. Not all circumstances are the same but having the ability to turn off my headlight if I wanted at just makes sense.

I guess I would have to turn this around a bit and ask you why wouldn't you want to be able to turn them off. Yamaha probably saved $3 a bike by getting rid of the switch and I just don't understand it.

I can turn mine off (bajadesigns kit). Of course the ability to turn my lights off wasn't the reason for the BD kit. I'd think you'd want to be as visible as possible when riding along or across any road.

Look, I honestly wasn't accusing anyone of anything. Just curious is all.

Sorry to resurrect this thread but the 2nd poster suggested a light switch from a 03 WR. When I look for the p/n I can't tell the difference from the light switch and the start and kill sw's. The exploded view does no good and the p/n description for all three just says switch.

Does anyone know the p/n for the 03 light switch?


You'll be heard long before you are seen. In the daytime, who will see the light. At night, you will want that light on.

I have always though of it as harmless.


Thanks ! I'll order it up...

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