Don't need hotstart. normal??

I have now about 5hrs on my 06', jetted 48/170. I noticed that even after riding 4 hard laps, I stop, shut off the bike, or crash, wichever comes first. To restart, I just give it a kick, yes just 1, and it fires right up. I haven't used the hotstart yet. Is this normal or is something wrong??? thanks :thumbsup:

i dont think its abnormal. my yz 426 is the same way, i NEVER have to use the hotstart unless it gets flooded

I have had my 01 426 for a while and only used the hot start once and my cuz has only used the hot start once on his yz250f

On my 00' YZ426, with jetting work and a power now unit, I rarely have to use the hot start. In fact, people comment that this YZ is alot easier to start than most. However, I do try to turn off the petcock, as soon as I can, every time I crash or drop the bike.

my 06 doesnt need the hot start most of the time either

Im jetted 48/168 and I have yet to use the hot start. Mine also starts while in gear! Sometimes it takes 2 kicks if in gear. When cold, I use the choke, 2 twist of the throttle and she fires right up. This jetting change works very well. :thumbsup:

Hot start what's that The little clutch lever that you never use! My bike starts so easy I can start with my hand :thumbsup: I think the powerNow helps a lot and proper carb tuning :thumbsup:

Thanks, I was getting a little concerned. But hey, that is one less thing I have to worry about doing. And I have to say that my, or I guess anyones, 06' rocks. I changed the jetting, the front tire (Michelin starcross) and I am changing the rear tomorrow, not real smart being that I have to race on Sunday. New aluminum throttle tube, dropped the forks to the first line, new chain. This thing rips, 35' uphill double in 2nd with a quick blip. I have to get used of the engine braking though, I chop the throttle before a corner and find myself needing to get back on it just to make it there with the same speed, weird.

Need to get used of the weight/power. First race on Sunday, Walden mx, D34.

Hopefully I will do well, racing in the +25c and 30c.

Thanks again guys.


Good luck on Sunday!

I pull my hot start when I have been on the track for a while and I know the bike is pretty hot only because it will definitely fire up on the first kick whereas other times it may be the 2nd or 3rd kick, but only when it's hot. I guess I don't need it but it helps...

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