Michael Angelo give us a update

Michael give a update on your injurys how you doing and all that,when will you be able to ride? do think by thanksgiving or before in any event get well soon.


Hey Monty...thanks for asking. I'm doing better and will no doubt be ready to ride by turkey day. Shoulder is still a bit sore and I've already been admonished by my wife for a tentative 'round the block ride the other day. I did purchase some padded shorts, knee and elbo protection and am going to go for the techvest as well. I should also probably cut down on the soda as the carbonation weakens the bones (so I've been told). I am looking forward to getting back out there with you guys.

As a side note I believe that I was having suspension problems prior to my two crashes. I took the shock in for service and there was only about 70lbs of pressure on it. The book says 140 is stock. The bike is back together and the suspension feels much better.



Micheal that sounds good,we always put on a ride at stonyford for thanksgiving and a camp out so hope your ready buy then you will need a lot of PT for that shoulder.I'll be leving for las vages thurdays for the indoor supper cross at the MGM why don't come on down it will help your healing.You know hot tube,swiming pool,night life and the racing.


Thanks for the invite. I don't think my wife would turn me loose in Vegas for a weekend, but sure sounds like fun. I'll get back to you on Thanksgiving.


good luck healing!! a positive attitude is a neccesity! quick note.. I need caffine, and normally would just grab a soda. I was very worried about bone growth after breaking my wrist, and having the dr. who "fixed" me say "the bone may die from lack of blood, because the screw was too big, and did not allow the bone to recive blood" "we may have to shorten your arm 1/2 an inch...remove good bones..." I stopped listening, and asked Do you like your arms the lenght that they are? he got the point.

Had to VENT! anyway... my point

soda does not affect calcium or bone.. but it does if you totaly replace your calcium(milk) with it. pop some calcium with your pepsi (and crown royal) have fun!!!

Monty, I didn't know they were serving dinner at that race. Let us know if you score some hot tube.

CrazyAdam...thanks for the info on the calcium and bone density issue. I will add some milk to diet.


Hey Monty,

There is a big crew from SF that is going to be at Stony for the T-day and beyond.

Perhaps we could hook up?

Where do you plan on camping?


Hi Bill

I will camp at davis flats if they have opened up by T-DAY just look for the PATIO-HAULER 5th wheel trailer there my be 2 of them if Brain is coming.Howard Huge should be there and slow Jim silcon Mike,Bob bicthen and whole alot other TT people,hope to see you up there.


Monty ....how was Vegas? I thought about going at the last minute but decided to drive to Hungry Valley instead. had a great ride there. Hope all is well. Looking forward to the next ride.



Look at your post on the sale of the bikes. I may be interested.

Mike in Roseville.

Hey Monty, Any Sunday rides on the horizon. 5 more weeks of Soccer on Saturdays and the Sunday rides at Mammoth are getting boring.

Let me know



We won't be at Stonyford for T-day. We're headed to LA & San Diego for the week of T-day for a wedding and T-dinner at the aunt's in El Cajon. Bummer....


Micheal it's geart to see your ridding agian,Vages was geart racing was geart Carmicheal won with Big Mac 2nd but good racing.Mike we will plan a sunday ride after the 27th thats the next daul sport ride at upper lake so lets put one on for the 1st sunday of nov,the 4th let me know and we will do stonyford s we can take a look at the fire damage.


Here's one of many sites that discuss the relationship between soda intake and calcium levels:


Also, I've heard that calcium citrate is the best supplement since it's 80% absorbed by the body, whereas calcium carbonate must first get processed by the stomach's hydrochloric acid, and averages about 20% absorbtion.


I believe I can do the forth. Lets put it together as the time draws near.


Ok Mike you let me know if the 4th will be good and I will make it work,I have been wanting to get back up to stonyford for a while to take a look.I hope they get it open by T-DAY. I was told that the (2) enduros were cansoled for oct,and they were unsure about T-DAY.


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