05 wr450 - hesitation

i have an 05 wr450 i just put the jd jet kit in it. It is still doing the same thing it did before i installed the kit. No matter what gear i'm in neutral through 5th gear if i flick the throttle really quickly the bike will bog. I have done all of the free mods. What could remedy this bog/hesitation problem?

thanks for any help.

Try a #40 Leak Jet

adjusting the ap squirt?

Do them of both...

The AP adjustment is in manual. It cured all but a very very slight off idle hesitation when I blip it as fast as possible, (which is not real world while riding in gear).

Also get a few leak jets, #40, #35 and a spare that you can plug with soldier. Another throttle response improvement item is a Boysen quickshot AP cover which has had good reviewes. It's madhined so there is no airspace around the AP diaphram. Suposedy, the stock AP cover has air space that 'cushions' and delays the AP diaphram movement, which delays the fuel squirt.

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