Chrome frame

Im going to chrome my frame on my 1996 XR600R, don't laugh! It looks way cool to have a chrome frame on a dirt bike! Actually, this is no longer a dirt bike, it is a Supermoto. I also will be chroming or anodizing the swingarm, anyway, I have a question, has anyone here done this who had a steel froma as opposed to just polishing an aluminum frame? Ive seen it but wanted to know who has done it how much it cost and if you had any problems...thansk

might look good.. but i would not chrome the frame and swingarm.. Steel has a problem with hydrogen making the things brittle when you plate with chrome.. you could how ever go with Bright Nickel. It will have nearly the shine of chrome but not weaken the frame.

I want to see pictures when it's done.

be prepared for sticker shock. I almost keeled over when I got the quote to chrome some fenders and other bits I needed for a build I was doing.

$300/fender, etc. I've seen online quotes of around $1k for a frame chroming job.

if you want the custom look, without the $$$ expense, have the frame nickel-plated ... showchrome goes in stages of copper, then nickel,lastly the chrome .. if you only go the nickel route, it is WAY cheaper ... no, not shiny like chrome, more like the finish on tools ... was good enough for me to use on a couple of street choppers years ago :thumbsup:

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