Front Disc Guard - 2005 XR650L?

I wanted to buy the Devol front disc guard that looks like a hubcap that fits over the disc, but they apparently don't make one for the XR650L, only the XR650R. I've read what people have said about rocks maybe getting stuck in there or whatever, but I just want maximum protection for my front disc and I don't see how those flimsy plastic ones can be that good. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on any other burly front disc guards?


Using an Acerbis one on mine - works well!~

:thumbsup: I'm looking for one also for my 2006 XR650L (which is the same).

I checked high and low for a plastic Acerbis but non to be found, the company said they may produce some more in sept. If you find something let us know. :thumbsup:

I had same experience, the only ONE I could find is made by UFO. They are classified as fitting the old XR600's from 85 least that is what the part # info says. I have a 93 XR650L. This is my second one. I burnt through the first one (they are plastic) by not paying attention to adjustments, ultimely letting the disk burn through it. It is not the protection that I would prefer, but it is better than nothing. Try The part number on the package is: 12-386-22. There is another set of numbers on the label that I do not think is important. Let me know if this does not help ya find it.


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