xt550 head removal

hi, i am new to the tt comunity, and i cant find a section dedicated to these old XT bikes... so here goes,i took all the bolts i could find on the rocker box,(or rocker cover i dont know exactly what it is called so i will call it the 'top cover') they were all 5mm allen head bolts about 5 or 6 on each side with one under the rear(intake) valve adjustment access cover. but the 'top cover' woudnt come off, looks like the rockers might be made into the 'top cover' and the guy at the salvage yard said i couldnt just change it out because the 'top cover' is line bored with the head itself,when i took the tachometer lead out it looked like that was the part that is line bored and i dont have a repair manual yet, i just found one on the internet today and i will be ordering one soon but i need to figure out how to get this thing all the way off so i can put a new gasket in it so it wont leak oil any more!(and to fix the crack which was my problem in the first place, but now that i messed with it, it is leaking oil at the gasket) :thumbsup:

Post under the "Vintage Thumper" Forum. Good luck.


this post is now in the vintage forum.

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