2004 yz450f kickstarter issues...

Alright, something is jacked up with my kickstarter in my bike. I am guessing it is a gear broken, or something similar. When I move the kickstarter the direction you would normally kick it, it goes super easy and grinds like it trying to catch the gear to actually start. I just looked in the manual and pretty much came to the conclusion something like maybe the ratchet wheel broke, or maybe the kick axle broke. I don't know, and won't know for sure until it has been taken apart.

Any ideas or anyone have a similar experience?

How much of a pain is this going to be? In the manual, it looks like a major pain!

Also, a little background on what happened. I shut the bike off to rest for a minute, and went to start it and it kicked back at me harder than a cow would kick! I knew something was up when the kickstarter ended up in a different position than usual. It was forward quite a bit. I'll do my best to explain it. It wasn't moving freely like it is now, it still could be kicked over, so something was obviously still grabbing. The kickstarter was at about a 1 o'clock postition once it hit the spot where the resisitance starts. (following me here?) Anyways, I was about 150 yards from my vehicle, and it was uphill, so I managed to start it, which by the way was a pain in the ass, and rode it back to my truck and shut it down. What I thought happened was maybe the kickstarter tynes stripped a little, causing the 'relocation' of the kickstarter. So I moved it, and that is when I discovered something was really wrong.

Now if something is chewed up inside and there is metal floating around in there (I'll be draining it tomorrow to see), am I going to need a rebuild just in case shavings managed to get their way into the crankcase?

I fear the absolute worst.

It sounds like what you have described. Let us know and take pictures. That sucks man.

It shouldn't be that big a deal. Everything you need to get at is accessible under the right crankcase cover. The engine stays in the frame, and the biggest hassle is that you have to drain the cooling system. Other than that, the clutch will have to come off.

You should be able to clean it out pretty well from under the cover as long as you didn't run it after this happened. Remember to run a magnet down into the hole leading to the sump screen, or even better, pull the ignition cover and clean out under the screen from that side.

Do yourself a big favor and remove the water pump impeller cover, even though you don't have to. The impeller will need to aligned with its pocket in the drive gear during reassembly, and the easiest way is to be able to spin the impeller with your fingers until the shaft engages correctly.

Thanks grayracer. You've given my a sigh a of relief, somewhat. I say somewhat because I did ride it about 150 yards after it kicked back at me. You must have missed that part of my post, but that's ok. I am hoping things aren't too ugly in there. Like I said, I had thought maybe the splines on the shaft, or inside the kickstarter itself, were stripped a little bit and that is why my kickstarter moved forward. It wouldn't move freely, like it does now, and felt totally normal with the exception of where the kickstarter was at, so I did start it (which could very well doom me).

I found out the deal on what happened. The ratchet gear broke in half. It was a pretty clean break except one tooth inside of it broke off, but thankfully it was laying there in the bottom of the case, so I have no metal chunks anywhere. The stopper also broke and was found sitting right next to the broken ratchet gear. The engine pictures are of how I found the pieces.

Here are the pics someone told me to take...





And how it sits now, as I order the parts I need.


Oh my. Are you working on your bike in your family room? CArpet? Good to here nothing major happened.

Yup. I did it in my living room. One benefit of living alone is the freedom to do that!

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