WR426 to YZ426 flywheel

Has anyone done this modification?

I have installed the flywheel/ stator and CDI box from a '02 YZ 426 onto a '01 WR 426. I have been told that the mounting points are different and I need to slot the attachment bolt holes so that the YZ flywheel can be rotated to the correct angle. The bike runs ok as is but not to its full potential.

(I posted this on the WR section also, they seem abit short on Gurus)

I went the other direction, putting a WR setup on my YZ and am facing the same issues. I was about to try slotting and adjusting the timing. I am going to do it this weekend.

I had an '01 WR stator/flywheel and cdi unit on an '02 YZ motor, it ran well.

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