post your wheelie pics

simon@vic, those wheelies on the pillion pegs made me think you might like a couple of pics of the stand on seat wheelie. easier than you'd think, best in 4th. and Matty if you think it'd feel weird being up high on the bike, this feels wild.

dont try this at home.

sweet pics!


if you start standing on the seat in 4th, it's quite easy, but now i like to start sitting in 3rd, lift it, click 4th, then climb up onto the seat, then crouch down and swing left leg down to click 5th, then stand back up again.

neighbours kids in the street love it, nearly as much as me. S12 front tyre doesnt like it though.

What a Geek!! :thumbsup:

Just kidding, I know my jokes aint funny to everyone, and im probally the only one that laughs at em :bonk:

Actually your bike looks just like mine :confused: Ill post a wheelie pick as soon as I get it uploaded.

nice wheelie :thumbsup:

Nice Alpinstars 'Blunnies' mate!!! :thumbsup:




Yes they are old pic's.

Nice Alpinstars 'Blunnies' mate!!! :thumbsup:

the genuine article mate

and they're 'oh kneel' blunnies ...

dont like the steel caps of bike boots on the seat.

and Matty if you think it'd feel weird being up high on the bike, this feels wild.

I can kneel on the seat and do 'em but that is wild!!!:thumbsup:

And yes, little kids love the front wheel in the air!!! :thumbsup:

Go on smart ass, do one sitting on the handlebars!!!! :confused:

can't, ive tried. plus theres nowhere really to sit on a dirtbike.

love to see someone do it. seen them on road bikes.

can do them off the tank, or side saddle, or stand up side saddle, stand up sit down what ever

it's got me buggered how they even ride doing that.

Come on guys, any more? how about videos? This coming summer im hoping to get lots more pics and videos of wheelies and jumping.........

Sorry I dont have a pic of NCMountainman doing an ass cracking wheelie while having a drag race with me in Durhamtown! That would be a priceless shot as his ass cracked the rock hard red clay at over 60 mph!

Anyway my buddy Dave Dialogue really loves to wheelie wherever and whenever he can.

As you can tell Dave is haviing a wheelie good time in Moab:


not a wheelie pic but a short video of my ride today enjoy

(yes i know I misspelled "riding" but w/e i was rushed)



wheeling up comp hill at the buttercup sand dunes yesterday.

nice pics but your camera person needs to know how to zoom, lol

This is one of my favorites from ADVrider:


i just got back from the trip and needed a shower, not all his fault, the zoom on my new olympus isn't great, but its water proof/shock resistant, so hopefully will live longer.

edited to please now MountainMax????


Thanks NavyNuke, much better, I have an olympus also, love them, it's my second one......... new one is 7.1 mp

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