2006 YZ450 Ever check oil cold?

Well I recieved my new 450 2 weeks ago. I have yet to start it (I'm very patient) because its recommended you shouldn't garage run it until after break in. Needless to say I can see they started at dealer ship and spun rear tire :thumbsup: . My question has any one ever pulled oil dip stick when engine is cold? I know Yamaha puts oil in from factory and the dealer ship said they started and checked it. But last night I decided what the hell where is at when cold. The answer, just touchs bottom of stick. Maybe I should just run in gargage for 3 min like manual says and check. Any feed back. :thumbsup: It's always these stupid little things that keep me up all night...LOL

Ok let me ask this. If at all possible and convenient could someone check there oil when motor is cold. Also as stated above I checked cold and that was with dip stick screwed in which usually you wouldn't do.

No problem here....the oil will settle into the crank case when it is cold and you will not get any reading. You need to run it for a few minutes (not just let it idle) and then get your reading. I always drain the oil and refill on a new bike before going out...Remember also do not screw in the dipstick when checking

let that bad boy run

Well I recieved my new 450 2 weeks ago. I have yet to start it (I'm very patient)

WOW you are really patient. I could never do that no matter what

I learned my lesson on checking 4 stroke oil on an old WR I had. I didn't know that you had to let it warm up before checking the oil and added so much that I blew a gasket and the bike wouldn't start for crap. I can understand you being worried about the dealership putting in oil, so just open one of the drain bolts a little to make sure something comes out. If there is some oil there, you'll be okay to run it for a little bit and the make sure the oil is touching the dipstick. To get a good reading though, you'll have to run it and operate the clutch like Yami said.

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