Who makes magnetic drain plugs for 06?

I checked ZipTy but didnt see them on the site.

GYTR has them out through Yamaha so just call your dealer..I got mine yesterday but only bought one...Putting in tomorrow...I might get another if the hole sizes are the same...

Cool but hole sizes are not the same. Where do you ride?

I will be at Rocky Hill on Saturday provided its not raining to hard..Otherwise will do a woods ride up around Burlington...

How about you?

I checked ZipTy but didnt see them on the site.

Ordered this one from TT Store

Magnetic drain plug ZipTy DP107-2

$18.95 - in stock- not available for onlineordering

Haven't installed it yet, so I can't tell you 100 % it fits.

GYTR has them. They are the same size as the older modles. I took mine out of my 04 WR before I sold it. Fits perfect. :thumbsup:

Dumb Question: Which one did you replace (which side of motor)?

The engine drain plug, bottom right side.

SureBlue, the ZipTy fits, I ordered the same one from TT :thumbsup:

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