a couple yz400 questions

well I have a slight noise in the top end and was wondering does this bike have a comon problem I need to check first? its a 98 yz 400 f. I read somewhere about cam chain problems whats the fix for that?

also what different bikes plastics will cross with this bike. I want new plastic and a graphic kit but there arent many choices for mine. will the 426 or 450 plastic work??? thanks

I have a 98 as well. the Cam chain could be the problem. What type of noise is it? Check the filter for bits of steel. If so, It might be the big end bearing for the rod. You will here a knock or engine pullsation. if that's it

its sort of like a high speed rattle. sounds as if the cam chain slider is worn out or like all the valves are out of adjustment. but I have checked the valves and buttoned the top back up and it still makes the noise??? I didnt really look at the cam chain while I was in there. it makes me unsure to load up and go ridding just to get out and grenade the motor.

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