Fuel Stabilizer?!

Does anyone use fuel stabilizer in their bike to combat fuel varnish in the carb??

Anyone have an opinoin on using it???


I do one of two things....drain everything, tank and carb....or put race gas in at the end of the year. Race gas maintains itself and does not sour over time.

I have never had any issues with draining both the carb and the tank. Just fill it up with fresh gas in the spring.

I drain the tank and fuel bowl, put the old stuff in my van....I don't like Stabil, I see evidence of it leading to fouled plugs due to it building up on the spark plug. The fleet of NYPUM XR50s, 70s, 100s and 200s I maintained is where I saw it. NYPUM requires it, I won't use the crap in my own bikes...

I have used StaBil for years in my bikes, cars, power tools, wave runners, boats, and any other motor. I don't run it during the time I am mainly using stuff, but if it is going to sit for more then a month it goes in. The only time I have ever had a problem is when I don't use it. :thumbsup:

OK now for a stupid question.

What do you do in the spring: Do you drain the stabilizer laced fuel or do you just run the bike with it? If you drain the fuel, what do you do with it?

Thanks. :thumbsup:

I run stabil in my fleet bikes sleds snowblower mowers. never had any problems.

If we're going to be riding for a couple days, I don't mess with it but I make sure the last day they all get a squirt of treated gas before heading home. when storing things for the season, try to get the tank really low with a good dose of stabil then fill with fresh gas before using the next season

I use leaded race fuel year round with no problems and no stabilizer in the winter.

Just run it out. I keep all my stuff as full as possible with no problems. I want to reduce evaporation as much as possible because that leaves crap that would even be burnt normally. Our motorized play and work toys will usually sit from November until Late February or March, and I never have a problem with carbs or jetting in the spring.

I put it all three of my bikes in early December and fired them all up for the first time within the last week. The only thing I did was open the screw on the bottom of the carb bowl to let a little drain out of the carb. All three fired right up and run great with no visible problems. I had a lifetime Michigander tell me that if I was planning on throwing away that gas then he would run it in his. Worked for me.

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