99 Decomp mod...again

Hey TTer's I know this subject has been beaten to death :thumbsup: Howener I have done my homework and tried to search out this mod but couls not find anything specific :thumbsup: I have tried to pm Yamaben as well and no response so he prob on vacation or something. I am looking for the decomp mod for my 99 400 in detail. like part #'s or a list of all the parts i need ie. cam, chain, plug... everything I would need. I love my bike but if i had to pick one thing I would change It would be how hard it is to kick over. :bonk: Especially when it is hot and i ahve been ridin' and my tongue is hangin' out a half mile behind me :confused: So if any one has info please pm me or resopnd to this thread.

Again i apologize for beating this dead horse and thanks in advance!!!

I am about to do the same mod to my 426. They take the exact same part number. You can verify at www.hotcamsinc.com

You need HotCams Exhaust cam part # 4035-1E

I would get the shim kit also (or you may have to make a trip to your local dealer for the shim discs once you figure out the exact ones you need)

Last, you need the plug that is for the hole in the cylinder where the manual decompression was.

Just finished this mod on my 99 and it starts much better now. Easy change took about 4 hours. Ordered the shim kit off ebay, it made it easier to get the right shims in. Also a nice inch pound torque wrench is a must.

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