led blinkers,need help asap

do I need a different flasher on my xr650L to get these leds to flash?


Yes, you need an electronic flasher. The stock flasher has some wire over a bimetallic arm. It gets hot, bends and breaks the circuit. Then it cools, bends back and makes the circuit again. That's how it flashes. The LED's don't use enough juice to make it flash. The olter alternative is to use a resistor in parallel with the leds to use as much juice as the old bulbs.

I think that you can get the electronic flasher at an auto parts store, or a bike shop that sells the LED turn signals.

Yep just get an electronic flasher at Autozone.

thanks I'll check out autozone

What is the type of electronic flasher(part no.)? Also, how do you wire it? does it plug in where the other flasher is? or do you remove the existing flasher unit? Please give me a detailed instruction as I'm sort of an idiot with the electrical part of this bike.

Thanks in adavance,


swap the old flasher for the new flasher

Try this...remove the bulb from the indicator display on the dash. It unplugs from the rear. I used a electronic flasher and it still would not flash. Someone suggested removing the bulb and now it works fine. Dont ask me why. Something to due with power draw etc.

the leds dont draw enough current for the oem flasher which relys on heat, read cleonards post it explains how it works :thumbsup:

The connector for my (missing) flasher has three wires: grey, grey/white and black but my replacement flasher has only two terminals. Since the grey & grey/white wires seem to be the common on the turn switch should I wire these together?

do I need a different flasher on my xr650L to get these leds to flash?


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