FMF Q2 on 06 YZ450F

I was a bit surprised at how loud the stock silencer is on the 06 450, since I ride on my property quite a bit, I figured I needed to quiet the thing down. After looking at how effective various silencers were at lowering the decibel level, I ended up ordering an FMF Q2 as they claim that a bike will get down to about 93 db with the Q2.

I was wondering if anyone has used this silencer on a new YZ450F yet and if so, if it seemed to do a good job at making the bike quiet. Was also curious if it required a jetting change.

Because the Q2 is a non restricting spark arrestor it shouldn't change your jetting much. my buddies made little difference in the form of performance and I also like the lesser noise, I've got one on order.

I've been using the TiQ (same as Q2 except titanium) on my '03 YZ450 and now my '06 YZ450. I doubt it will test at 93db, but it should be under 97db at least. I haven't had the '06 tested but the '03 barely passed at 97.2db with the TiQ.

Power is the best of all the 96db pipes, jetting shouldn't be that much different than what works best with the stock pipe. I'm running 48/170 and it runs great.

Watch your packing in the Q, the stock packing lasted about 3 rides on my bike. I repack them with the FMF multi-layer kit, kinda pricey but it lasts way longer than just fiberglass alone.

i thought the q series had internal baffles and no packing.

I bought a Q2 and was thoroughly disappointed in it. Orifice is substantially smaller than stock (read "restrictive"). Affected performance to such a degree that it has been sold and replaced w/ endcap from Pro Moto Billet. Will definitely get you to DB's you are looking for but I feel you sacrifice performance. Rejetting is required. :thumbsup:

i thought the q series had internal baffles and no packing.

Based on the description on the FMF website it looks like it has baffles and packing.

i've had mine test as high as 98 ( it was at a high idle at the time) and as low as 93.

i've had mine test as high as 98 ( it was at a high idle at the time) and as low as 93.

Are you generally happy with it in regards the db level and performance? Other than the one post above, I've not heard that the muffler causes much of loss in hp anywhere in the powerband.

I ended up at 165 main with 45P 1.5 turns on the screw and lowered the needle (raised the clip) one slot to the 3rd from the top. 06 450 with Ti Q with powerbomb header tests right at 96 db. I love the pipe!! It is a good compromise on power.


My FMF Q2 came in last week and I'm really shocked at how super quiet it is!

I've ridden it once and it doesnt seem to have lost anything powerwise and the 170 main 48 pilot combination seems to be working fine at this point. Now when I ride on the backyard track, I feel a lot more comfortable with the sound level. The muffler is actually ever so slightly smaller in length and diameter than the stock muffler. It may not be a super trick looking carbon fiber unit but I'm very happy with it!

My packing has already blown out and I tested at 99 db last race. I ordered the multi layer premier packing and hope it lasts longer than the stock ti Q packing. I only got 17 hours on it. Luckily the sound check guy put down 98 db and let me race. 98 was the cutoff.


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