WR black plastic

I already ordered side panels for YZ from Rocky Mountain, looking forward to those pics black n blue, thanx.

I'd even go for blue side panels if you can find them.

Does anyone know if we can get blue ones?

Here are some pics of the YZ plastic on my buddies WR.

Here is a front plate application. I used a zip ty to attach the bottom of the plate to the fender by drilling two small holes through both and looping the ty. I used a contrasting color here so you can see, but I matching color is very undetectable and the plate is on there like glue. You just need to remove the headlight bracket and put the YZ plates pegs in the emply bolt holes. I also use a zip ty at the top, just attach it where it will hold good and not get in the way.


Here is the side panel application. You will need to push the catch tank hoses up and to the right as close to the subframe as you can so the opening of the side panel doesnt get hung up on them. Next use a sharp utility knife to cut your WR airbox along the factory body line.

Here is the air box with the piece to be removed


Here it is with the piece gone


Now here is the YZ panel fit


And here is the nearly finished product. On this one we used the stock bolt in the stock mounting bracket on the subframe, we just pre-drilled a hole thru the panel by removing the exhaust and drilling from the inside out to make sure we got good alignment. Then we just threaded the bolt until tight. We are going to paint the bolt head white so it doesnt stick out so bad, but here you can see what we did. A slightly longer bolt would be a good idea here.


After we were sure the fit was good and we were happy I cut out some white background material and covered the factory YZ mounting hole.

Good luck.

Here is a pic of his bike by the way. He is TT member "Big Davey"


Looks good.

So the only real mod was cutting off the part of the airbox door that would want to go under the YZ panel?

yep! :thumbsup:

That looks good, thanks for all the help everyone, can't wait for them to get in, back ordered from Rocky Mountain. They should look good with the black Pro Wheels, anyone know where to get an inexpensive torque spoke wrench? Rocky Mountain had some I think they were made by fast (sp?) for $120.

Does anyone have the pics of this mod? The pics put on putfile are gone.


Try sending B&B Thumper a PM. He might still have them.

UFO makes black side panels for your bike. I too have a 2003 WR450 and have A complete set of Black plastic from front to rear. I bought mine off of E-Bay. But check with TT Store I just ordered a black headlight shroud. TT store is awsome, give them a call and they will bend over backwards to help you, plus they will save you a ton of money.

P.s. Paint your frame, I didnt and now im going to tear everything apart again because it dont look right with that bright blue frame peaking out from that black plastic.

I know this is an insanely old post, but could you help me find that black headlight shroud? Thanks

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