22mm offset Tag clamps for 1996-2003 yz/yzf 125-450

I hope no one is angry about me posting this here. I am doing it because it is so specific to the yz 4326-450 bikes. I am selling them only because I bought a 2006 and they will not fit the newer forks. Otherwise you would have to shoot me to get these clamps. They really are that good. Ill put them on ebay if necessary, but was hoping a fellow TT'er coudl get them. They are fairly hard to find for the older bikes. I liked them enough that I searched for two monts trying to find an 03 I liked just to be able to use these.

I have a set of the 22mm offset tag clamps to fit the yz or yzf bikes from 1996-2003. This set was made for the Mach 1 team for the 2003 season. This set is in excellent condition and comes with oversized bar mounts. They are black anodized.

The Tag clamps are excellent. They really sharpen the turning of these bikes, especially the 4 strokes.

The Tag clamps are great because they include the steering stem as well as a lower bearing. They bolt on without using anything from the stock clamps. This is great when it comes time to sell the bike.

I am asking 250.00. I can pick up the ups shipping for the us at 250.Thank You.

please contact me at jamesc4085@hotmail.com

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