XR650l/650R fuel tank interchange


I am wondering if anyone has had ACTUAL first hand experience in adapting an Acerbis 7 gallon tank for an R model to an L?

A supplier I am dealing with has a (supposedly) 7 gallon red Acerbis tank for an R and I want and need that capacity. A trip I am taking has a section that is 229 miles between fuel and I would rather not have to carry a spare can. I also like the red tank compared to the white only 6 gallon Acerbis specific to the L model.

If you have had success/failure please respond with what mods/problems you encountered.


Mike :thumbsup:

Of course if anyone can CONFIRM they even make a 7 gallon tank, please do...the biggest I can find is the 6 gallon Sahara tank for the 00-03 R model. I would like to know if this is a similar tank to the 6 gallon for the L model or a totally different tank. I will call Acerbis on Monday but in the mean time, I am counting on the experts here on TT!

By the way, their website is lame...


hi, if you have big $$ and time , you may find bigger in europe. maybe africa queens, touratech or even acerbis ( int site not the lame US site)

or acerbis fork tank works well too.

if no answers post on advrider.com and horizonsunlimited.com

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