WR400-not starting


have problems starting the bike, nothing horrific, just need some advices.

Washing the bike, forgot to plug the exhaust, water found its way, which I realized when removed the pipe and water gushed out.

Some of it found its way into cylinder so since I couldnt get it out, I poured some oil through plug hole, to soften the mixture, so you know, that whitish mixture was formed.

Kicked the bike several times, to pump out everything through plug hole and exhaust, but not untill i poured gas in, I was able to clean the innards.

Gas pretty much did its job.

Placed spark plug in, stepped on the kick, and it started, but worked only for the time, the fuel from cleaning was in the cylinder.

Placed on tank, started kicking, jumpstarting and nothing.

Again poured gas directly, bike started for short period, tank on, nothing.

In your opinion, could some crap from cylinder have somehow reached the carb and clog the jets?

It does sound like your not getting the right fuel mixture. I would check the air filter and box, then maybe pull the plug on the bottom of carb and run some fuel through there to make sure your getting gas. Then maybe hold the compression release, wide open throttle, and kick her through about 20 times to see if you can suck a clean mixture in.

Don't forget to change your oil now that you got watter in it :thumbsup:

Bike was stripped so all fluids have been replaced, it was kicked about 150 times overall.

Old FCRs have no plug on the bottom, so carb removal and cleaning is probably a must.

i have a 2000 wr400 that has had a top en rebuild less than 15 hours ride ago had the valves shimmed. yesterday was riding fine except for it didnt like to idle until late in the day when it started holding the revs even when i throttled back did this for a minute or so then when i stopped it stalled and will not start again kick starting/roll starting/tow starting nothing is working its not even firing anymore. anyone got any ideas on what it could be thats causing it?

you have the newer gen fcr, I cured many problems with removing the so called octopuss from the previous type fcr..maybe the membrane on left side of the carb under small cover is causing problems.

other possibilities..faulty spark plug, cable disconnected from ignition coil, cracked spark cable

I'll be checking the plug lead and intake and that Tommorow night n see how it goes. Hopefully nothing too serious or hard to fix

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