Trail riding in Vermont

Looking for some people to go trail riding with in vermont. I live in Pownal but willing to travel for some decent trails. I have a WR250F 2002 and a trailer. Thanks, Slickwilly

I am in the same boat. Looking for Trails. Not an easy thing to do in Vermont. I live up in Shelburne. If you find anything let me know.


Funny! Im looking too.. and for a trailer! Actually a friend and I want to ride in Milton this saturday (6/3/06) BUT we don't have a trailer!!!! Not super crazy trails but it is a fun place.

Have you guys checked out the trail behind Cleary Stone in Richmond? GMP set up a substation which killed the track but people including me ride there weekly. Some trails out back are VAST but alot are not. :applause:

Haven't been to Richmond since we were told it was off limits! So you can still go up there?

How can there be so few trails in VT? That state is pristine. Is the enforcement that tough up there? I know there's a lot of tree huggers up there, but there has to be at least a couple good trail systems you can access.

My father is from the far northern tier but it's been sometime since I've been there, and the local cop in town is a real ass. I guess they only like sledding.

Richmond is and always has been cool to ride. Cleary sold the land to Marcelino and he has no problem with ppl riding on the outskirts of the former sand track. In addition GMP has clearcut some decent stuff closer to the highway (mostly enduro stuff.) Dont be fooled Richmond is on and I still meet ppl who continue to say its closed. Fine with me keeps the place less busy.

Kawinj - I moved from CT and have been totally disappointed with the riding. I used to have your sentiment as you'de think VT is a riding wonderland......its not. People have some real privacy issues with their land and only open their trails or land up to slednecks. VT has a huge trail network all of which is off limits to dirtbikers. :applause:

"Slednecks" LOVE IT!!!!! I too am a former "Flatlanda" RI originally. Yes, you would think VT has lots of place to ride but there are these great signs "POSTED" COME ON! Are people actually gonna see ALL 100 acres that they buy up? Give a dirt lover some space to ride - 2 wheel dirt lover at that! Sorry, venting.

So, Richmond is still cool... hummmmmm So when we all meeting there?

So where is Cleary / Marcelino, past the honey spot? I lived in Jonesville / Bolton for about 6 years and never heard of it :applause: . Of course I didn't own a bike then though. I still make it up there from time to time. There is a set of power lines near my place (off the Bolton notch road), but they aren't that long, and I am always interested in finding new places.

The richmond place is the second dirt driveway on the right after you turn on to governer chittenden rd in richmond (at the corner of 117 and 2). Recently my local landfill bought some previously posted land and miraculuosly unposted it!! The dump ppl confiremed that it was intentionally unposted so I rip there in the meantime (while it remains unposted) :applause:

there about 30 miles of trails rigtht near rutland vermont. north clarendon 3 miles aways there 3 huge sands pits prob 5 sq milea and about 30 miles of trails leading from shrewsburry to rutland,clarendon, there couple reallly nices trails that lead to a wonderful view of rutland on a cliff there a picknick table on top . great place to have lunch or to enjoy scenry

I have a place in at killington, VT. I live in jersey, but do most of my trail riding in PA.

However, if anyone from the rutland area wants to meet up for some trail rides some time, I'd love to head up for a weekend.

PM me, maybe we can set something up this summer.


I am in Burlington an would love to know more spots to ride.

Ducatiboy... keep in touch if we don't get any snow soon... I will be breakin out the bike again!!!!!! This spring though... Look out!!!!

Ducatiboy... keep in touch if we don't get any snow soon... I will be breakin out the bike again!!!!!! This spring though... Look out!!!!
Thinking about no places to ride . Why don't they just let us ride all the land fill areas. I guess not we would ruin the cap on the dump??

Ho Ho Ho

Santa studded my tires, no end to this season, I would like a little more snow so I can ride the roads to get to the trails.

Happy New Year


Ok so I lost my password and haven't kept up with this forum.

You guys should check out Good group there and they have a "Dirty Riders" forum with a good bunch there as well.

I changed my profile so I will get notified if someone responds to my posts so I can keep up to date here.

I still have my KLX300R and I REALLY want to dirt ride more next year. I have not been in the dirt since I was about 16 (36 now and starting up again)

I have an enclosed trailer and I am going to start road racing next year at NHIS so if anyone needs help with that let me know. :lol:

Is it April Yet?

Am looking forward to riding with some of you come spring time. What the hell im thinking we should break things out in March at this point.

Riding season is here. Where are you guys????!!!!

im here. been riding my local trails a little. (well, snowmobile trails i shouldn't be on that either lead to fenced corn feilds or right into a lake that isn't frozen anymore...)

I know a guy through nestreetriders that has access to 40,000 acres of trails in burlington vt.

I usually cross the border and ride in quebec. some decent trails just across the line

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