Trail riding in Vermont

im here. been riding my local trails a little. (well, snowmobile trails i shouldn't be on that either lead to fenced corn feilds or right into a lake that isn't frozen anymore...)

I know a guy through nestreetriders that has access to 40,000 acres of trails in burlington vt.

I usually cross the border and ride in quebec. some decent trails just across the line

So you're way up top? How far are you from Island Pond? I have tons of family there, and always wondered how the trails are. I know there's miles and miles of snowmobile trails up there, but like you said most cross onto private property.

Join a club, I am now very happy with the trail riding in VT. It is all on private property, so ya just got to talk to people and clubs are all about the ridding.


im in southern vt. looking for poeple to ride with.. i have an XR650L. Pretty decent dirt road riding down here.Contact me if interested

Saturday, 9am Long Trail Tavern (Johnson, VT) w/CCCofVT

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