Vegas to Reno pictures....


Could you have a fun??

#o17:WR400F was me! I could enough.

See you in next June.

Cool pictures Dan!


Hey Dan, cool pictures! My buddy Scott is looking for a rider to share 1/2 of the upcoming Baja 500... drop me a line if you can!

Is your 100W headlight really that bright at idle? Our stock bulbs go real dim at idle.

Nice job Dan!


N 33'41.156" W117'59.749"

HelmetCam Videos

Mike, When is Baja? I have always wanted to do it. I have the rest of the year already planned out with Elsinore and the Vegas 200.

The bulb I used worked just fine for me. YES it did get dim when I shut the throttle down. My friend Chris C. (Simi) has an answer for it. He mod's the "floating ground". He says this helps. I totally trust him!! I would have done this but I was gonna run my fathers HID unit but backed out at the last minute so I just ran the stock light with a 100 watt Hella bulb. It worked well for me but I've had NO time on the bike at night to make a fair comparison versus the stock bulb.

Thumperjp, Are you sure that your number was 017??? did you race Am or Ex? I did see some Japanese racers. Which one were you? I'll be in Japan in December. Maybe we could hook up?

Mike S. and Ron, Thanks guys!!!!

Ron, I think figuring out how to post photo's here on TT is probably more difficult for me that riding over 500 miles in one day..... I've probably thrown my keyboard out the window at least a dozen times. wink.gif

Hi Dan

I did mistake, my number was "072" in this year.

"017"was in 1998's.

Did you see ""site?

This is me!! That time was dagerous! hahaha...

Where will you visit in Japan?

I live in Hamamatsu City.

Hide Ueno

Hide, Okay now I remember!! Nice video! Dont you love the silt beds?? You did a great job beating me by almost an hour!!! frown.gif You probably ride alot in the Nakatajima Sand Dunes...... So you're probably used to the sand.

Maybe next year we could team up on a race using my bike. I will be in Japan probably in the second week of December, my girlfriend is on tour with "Eikchi Yazawa" singing back up vocals in Japan. I figured that I would go out their and drink gallons of Sapporo. smile.gif If Hamamatsu City is close to Toyko then maybe we could hook up!!


Anybody love silt beds??

If you love it, unbelievable!! hahaha...

Yazawa's back up vocalist?? sounds like great!

Enjoy yourselves in Japan. and try Ebisu-Beer,too. Ihis is the Japanese tast!


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