air box mod

how do i do the air box mod?

If you have a WR the top of the Airbox is half overed by the battery. So, you cant completely remove the top of the Airbox....remove the snorkle behind (in back of..) the battery by drilling the two rivets that hold the battery strap retaining clip. Slide the snorkle up and out, then re-rivet the clip.

If you dont ride very deep water then you can also cut out the 2 right side pre marked cutouts..

DONT DRILL THE RIVETS!!!!! :thumbsup: If you have a WR just pry with a flat screwdriver to create a minor amount of space and pull the snorkel out at the same time. The snorkel will come right up and out. :thumbsup: The right side will have two noticeable molded cut outs. I used a Dremel, but any saw or rotary tool will cut them out. Some have said the sides allow junk in, but I have not seen anything extra in mine.

I was unable to remove the snorkle without drilling the rivits.

That thing would not come out without first removing the battery strap catch first. I tried every thing... Eventually I drilled and re-rivoted the catch in place. It was much less frustrating...

If you do drill be cautious not to let any 'drillings fall into the air box.

I was unable to remove the snorkle without drilling the rivits.

That thing would not come out cautious not to let any 'drillings fall into the air box.

Same here.

If you decide to drill I suggest you place a cloth in the battery holder to catch the filings, when complete, wipe the inside of the airbox out with oily cloth (you can cover your filter as well if you want) then remove you air filter and shake out just to make sure. if you manage to do without drilling, well done, I couldn't budge mine and wasted 30mins trying... :thumbsup:

enjoy the ride :thumbsup:

I took the airbox lid off and out of the frame and pried the rivited part over with a screwdriver. It poped right out. I couldn't pry it over far enough with the lid still in the bike. I cut the side places out with a razor knife.

Hey JPSM the airbox mod is an airbox mod! Also ringwald is a ringwald! :thumbsup:

I drilled 9 1" holes in the right side of the air box and used those snap in filters from and you cant even tell I have them in there.

I didn't have to drill the rivets but I did grab the snorkle with a pair of pliers while I pried of the battery strap. It wasn't easy but it came out.

Hell all I did was take a hammer and a screw driver and broke it out. Not like Im going to ever put it back in. That snorkle was a waste of time for yamaha R&D! :thumbsup:

Good info :thumbsup: - going to mod the YZ 426F using some of these tips.

Thanks Thumper Talk :thumbsup:

TSK350 - The 1-in vented plugs are a coo idea. I've never seen them before

I know airboxes changed from my 99' to 04' but I could not see how you guys can pry up the metal tab for the battery strap and pull or pry out the snorkel :applause:

I had to CUT mine out on the 04', it was molded to the the entire airbox.... it gave me approx. 1.5 square inches more for air volume and took out the "vane" in the middle.

Does this sound right? Sorry no pics

Never mind...... as I look at the pictorial and this pic I realize that my bike never had a snorkel in it :D I bought it new but it was Canadian and I took it in the crate. I never saw the snorkel. Anyway if you look at the pic you see the the "domed" shape bottom of the air opening. The rear of the airbox is somewhat double walled by this domed shape piece so I cut it out giving me a "little" more open area....... I only wonder if I did something structurally to the box...... Oh well time will tell :applause:

I used some plastic meshed screen that I found from an old car vent to cover the side cut outs with. It has good flow but I think it helps to keep water/dirt etc. out.

This was not my idea, thank Tony1970 for this one...sorry Tony if I was not supposed to tell anyone about the secret mod.

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