picked up my brp

baja designs kit is on back order until this monday :thumbsup: .. i got the tires so at least i can put them on and go for a trial ride this sunday...
I did that, trial ride without a registration and motorcycle license... Of course I immediately got pulled over by the only police car I have ever seen in that area... He was cool and told me to get if off the road, but he could have done a job on me... Fortunately, I was only putting around and not doing anything stupid like wheelies... Be careful!

whoops totally spelled one of the key words wrong... i meant to say trail ride. i could really careless how this thing handles on the road. as long as it doesn't throw me off for now reason i will be happy. i am not really a fly around the streets and stuff like that. don't get me wrong i will probably go fast sometimes but i doubt anywhere near pushing the limits of the bike. but in the woods i really want to see how well this bike does kind of curios if the weight will matter and how much clutch work i will have to do due to the very tall gearing. i am also curious as to how this bike will match up against my friends 450's and 250f's. and the last thing i am curious about is if this bike will make me tired faster, then my mx bikes would have. i know my xr400 didn't really tire me out anymore or less and that weighed more then my other bikes.

the kit should be in on monday and i have that day off from work so maybe it will work out and i can get my bike all set to go on that day.

Adam, start hitting the weights. This bike will tire you out. Now, I don't want you to get all discouraged. You'll be "The Man" in the woods with that thing. You need to get a feel for it in the woods first though. Learn how to turn the bike and how to apply the gas/clutch when needed. If you're strictly into trails I would suggest a 14/51 setup for the gearing. You'll be able to cruise in 3rd gear through any trail. Clutchwork will be needed for the tight stuff. You just need to learn what gear you have to be in at what time. Is the bike going to tire you out faster in the rough stuff than an mx bike??....yeah, pretty much. However, the torque and comfort of this bike will make up for it. Where your 250/450f buds are clutching and winding out their motors you'll be tractoring away. I'd have to say the XR is the most universal bike I own. It will do most applications w/ ease. Don't get cocky if you come across a motocross track though, lol.

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