Project XR650R

That things gonna be sweet. :thumbsup:

Did you buy the hydraulic switch from them? If so, I assume you got the bolt type?

I'm going to start adding stuff to my pig soon. I'm in Colorado as well. Although the end goal will be dirt with eventual super moto wheels as well.

That looks great, Its gonna be sweet. That fan is also pretty cool but you probably would not need it if you REMOVED the thermostat. I ride very slow, tight trails and rarely get out of 2nd gear. I took out my thermostat at the suggestion of a Baja Designs Tech. I added a Kawasaki 1.8 Radiator cap (can order from BD). Have not had a single problem yet, and I still run stock Honda coolant. The BD tech told me if I'm not going to ride the bike in cold enough temps for it (the cold) to effect the engine performance, then I don't need it. Nuff said, I took it out.

Good luck and keep us posted.

I do ride in cold weather and dont want the engine running too cold if I do. I just put a new thermostat in. It's cheap an easy!

I just gotta figure out how to convert my KLX400SR SM wheels oner to the XR without loosing too much money.

Were did you get the DRC light and good luck

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