1st woods ride on 06 yz450f

The bike is completely stock #48 pilot jet #170 main sag set at 100 mm. I rode a few weeks ago at a local track and the bike seemed to turn fine. I have not moved the forks or changed the tire because I wanted a base line for the handling before making any changes. Today I went trail riding, the soil was slippery clay with a layer of wet leaves just to make it interesting. The front end washed out easily and unexpectedly. I shifted my weight forward to hook up the front but then the back would slide around almost as bad as the front would move. I guess its time to move the forks up and change the front tire. I have to say that I love the bike and I think that the gearing is perfect even in the woods. She would lug down well in the tight stuff and I could roll the throttle to accelerate or grip it and rip it. What adjustment to your suspension do you do on your bike when you trail ride compared to the track?.

You can back out the compression some 4-6 cliks for trails, for me stock rebound was fine.

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