Problems starting

I tried to start my 05 wr450 today after a long winter in the garage. It's always been a bit of a hard start but it won't kick start or electric start at all. Any suggestions.

After sitting a long time I need to do the following to get my 450 started.

Turn on the gas, twist the throttle a couple times. Wait a short time, then crank the electric start with the choke on for about five seconds, then wait for about one minute. After that, it usually starts right up. My theory is that the carb needs to be primed. My old XR600 did the same thing.

Pull your MJ cover off, and see if you have any discoloration at all. If you do you should have used fuel stabilizer if not it just needs kicked more. Fuel on, open float bowl drain until a lot of gas runs out, wait a couple minutes, Choke, and twist the throttle a few times. It will take a few kicks to get the carb filled up and flowing. I would skip the electric just to save wear because it should take quite a few kicks. It will start, but then if it runs rough you probably have bad gas. If bad gas you might get lucky and run it clean, but it will probably require a full clean out and jet cleaning. USE FUEL STABILIZER FOR STORAGE.

My buddy just had the same with his '05 250, all we did was fuel on and tipped her over on her side until she started dumping all the gone off fuel - started just fine straight after that! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the advice. I drained the old gas and put in fresh high octane and I was able to kick start it after a few trys. Next winter I'll remember the fuel stabalizer.

rejett with a JD kit and install a zyptie fuel screw. The rejett will make all the difference.

Just ride it during the winter too

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