I am thinkng of buying a 2003 WR 450 and I was wondering what was the ups and down of that bike. I do a lot of trail ride and a bit of jumping, would it be a good bike for me??? I found one for 4500$$ is that a good price???

If youre planning on doing any jumping, change the suspension setup asap. its kind of a pain in the butt to get it just right, but its well worth it when you get it dialed in.

Hey Justin,

The WR 450 is one mean ass bike. If you want power on demand, suspension that will let you jump the grand canyon, and basically the baddest machine out there, then the WR is for you :thumbsup:

The year you are looking at does have a factory recall unfortunately. Something to do with a wood ruff key that can sheer because of an engineering tolerance flaw. If it hasn't been fixed already, it is an easy fix by installing parts from the 2004 model for a little over $100.

Price of the bike always depends on how used is it? How many miles? What kind of condition is it in? Those are all variables you will have to look at.

But I would say for $4500, it would have to be in like bran new shape. :thumbsup:

WR450... Yessssss

But like said above, at that $$ It should be new or near new.

For another $1,000 you can get a new left over 05 that'll have updates.

Justin-- I just picked up an '04 WR450 for $3,400 in good condition with some nice upgrades. I was a bit surprised in how few there are for sale in general, and some of the prices were way high. Some were really ratty for their age- poor maintenance and heavy use; try to pick one up from an adult user as they tend to have the money and mindset to better maintain bikes.

$4,500 is too high for an '03 unless it was virtually unused.

An '04 is a good compromise IMHO between the cost of a brand new one and the '03 which needs a few updates and will have one more season of use. I saw a few '04's in the mid to upper 3 grand range- that's about where you want to strike a deal.

If you buy one from any distance requiring an overnight stay, you'll want to factor that cost in as well.

Oh- and yes, they're one heck of a machine. Easily the best off road machine I've ever owned. The power, nimbleness, suspension, reliability and serious fun factor are all there. The bike definitely makes you grin like a fool.

Be patient and you'll find the right deal.

My .02 cents.


Thanks for the tips guys

Ohh and the price of 4500$$ I gave is Canadian so I don't know it it makes a differences (it probably sounds a little bit better)

The bike only has about 2500 km on it and was mainly used on road by a 35 year old man!!

35 years old??!! holy crap that bike must be like new!!

I have an 2003 WR450, the previous owner did the woodruff key update and replaced the starter with the 04 starter.

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