starting XR600 with stage 1 cam

How hard is it to kick start a xr600 with a stage 1 cam? I was just wondering because the cam does not support the compression release system on a stock bike. Thanks for your help.

What do you mean by "the cam does not support the compression release system on a stock bike."

Unless I am missing something, I do not see how a different cam would have any affect on the function of the compression release system.

My bike would definitely suck to start without the comp release, though that has more to do with 11:1 compression than anything else.

Different bike, but I just started my XR650R today for the first time with the Hotcams stage 1. To my suprise it easily started on the first kick. I was elated! Starting was easy. I just followed the normal routine but kicked more "firmly" if that makes sense.

The on cam compression release has 2 parts. First is the "normal" system that only operates at low rpm's. The other only operates if the engine turns backwards (anti kickback).

The first part just makes it easier to kick. By properly putting it at (or just past) TDC and kicking like you mean it, you can start it just about as easily as before. The kick back issue can be a bigger problem. It can injure you directly or launch you off the bike. It may never happen, but if you are ready for the possibility you should be OK.

I had an 81 XR500 that I disconnected the comp release on. It was "locked." Unless you knew the routine it was very difficult to kick over. One of my friends weighed like 130 and could stand on the kick starter and it wouldn't move. That bike did kick back on occasion.

Yes, you cannot transfer the decomp from the stock cam to the Hotcams. Starting steps:

1 push the starter down til you feel heavy resistance.

2 pull in on the decompression lever and ease the kick starter just a little further. The piston is now just past top dead center.

3 kick it like you mean it and it should fire right up.

If you haven't put a high comp. piston in then it shouldn't be too bad.

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