WR gas tanks - aux vs desert

There are some clever auxiliary tanks out there - Acerbis has one that replaces the front number plate and another that bolts to the rear fender. I've also seen one (can't remember who makes it :thumbsup: Acerbis too??) that replaces one of the side number panels:

Question: Does anyone have experience with these? How do they affect your ride?

Alternate Question: Does anyone have a bike with a desert tank that looks good? I haven't seen many but I know they're out there. :confused: Please share photos so I can decide how to get an extra gallon or so on my 02 WR426.

I like the desert tank idea better - I just want some ideas on how to dress it up a bit.

Thx :thumbsup:

Ive been looking at long range alternatives aswell.

Bajadesigns make the side panel tank(left side).

I emailed them a while ago asking if it is required to take the rad overflow off but they did not reply yet :thumbsup:

If it doesnt im ordering :thumbsup:

I have one of the Acerbis Aux number plate tanks. Gives you .8 gal of fuel. Attaches to the forks using 4 clamps. Make sure you use stainless steels ones. It runs a line from gas cap to gas cap. Siphons via the vent when burning down the main tank.

Looks kind of awkward, like you would expect with a 3 inch number plate ! But better than carrying water bottles full of gas in a back pack.

My question would be how far do you plan on going between gas stops?

I have realized a pretty constitantly 35 mpg on my 01 WR426 which has some basic jetting and other mods. With my 3.5 gal tank I expect about 100 miles. Thats decent range offroad. I figure I could get more mileage out of the tank If I was to push gas stops. But I don't.

I run a natural color gas tank so I can see exactly where I am fuel wise.

My rule of thumb when riding long distances is never pass gas. I forgot where I first heard that but it's true on long distance possibly get lost for a while rides. Even if you just need a quart of gas fill up the tank. Oh I run a Clarke tank. I drained it the other day and then filled it up. It took 3.6 gallons. Cost me like $20 bucks Kidding. I think Arcebis used to make a 4 gallon tank for the WR but not sure. I'd give them a call.

I get between 90 and 120 miles out of my 3.3 Gallon Acerbis tank. Mileage varies between 25 & 35 mpg depending on hills and trail changes during the ride. :thumbsup:

My rule of thumb when riding long distances is never pass gas.

Well, that's my rule of thumb too, but it only applies to people I ride with.

Seriously, I've wished I had that extra gallon, if just for peace of mind. I've about run out and had to have someone meet me (got lost - don't ask). I;ve considered those steel white gas containers for camp stoves - see this link - http://www.msrcorp.com/stoves/bottles.asp but the biggest one comes in only a quart so two is minimum for a half gallon of extra gas. That's probably enough and the cans are tough and light. Just attach them to the rear fender ( I wonder if underneath would be OK?).

But it's still only an extra half gallon . . .

Does anyone have a good looking oversized tank on their WR?

hey johnnyjeep aren't you afraid of taking a spill and landing on the tank/shroud?

Has anyone tried the large (24/25 litre)Acerbis tank on the 07 model, i was thinking of getting one in blue for a better overall look . Do they even make an 07 model?

Im currently using an IMS 3.1 clear and packing a 5 litre on my pro moto rack. I know the clear is convenient ,but in that large size it makes your bike look ten years older .Also is the Acerbis tank good quality.?

There are also 24 litre Safari tanks in Australia but ive never seen them up close.

"now that is going well over the line "

I just got a Acerbis 3.3 and it works very good for a wr 06

They sed i needed yzf radiators shrouds but i found that the left side stock shroud work just fine. The right side stock shroud i only had to make minor adjustments to it in order to make it fit. it worked well for mi i am happy with it . Now the best part is that the Acerbis tank has two petcoks , one on each side so you dont have to tilt the bike sideways to get the gas from the right side to the left and i realy like that

Maybe this has been suggested before, but could the coolant reservoir be used for fuel instead of coolant?

Maybe this has been suggested before, but could the coolant reservoir be used for fuel instead of coolant?

I've seen the dakar guys move the overflow tank up front, then use that area for a side tank.

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