Hole in Radiator

Last weekend I some how got a hole in my radiator. I have heard some good things about Myler's Radiator Repair. Has anyone sent their radiators to Myler's before. If so please let me know how they did. Did they do a good job of straigtining them out and welding the hole?

The price seems well worth it.

Yes, I highly recommend Myler's.

I talked to Mr. Myler's on the phone and is a great person and dirtbiker. He warned me that he repairs more radiators damaged by someone taking them to an automobile radiator shop where they basically destroy them.

They fixed a 96 RM250 radiator that was leaking at the bottom and bent. For $50.00 he fixed the leak and straighten the radiator and it looked brand new. Sure beats the 275.00 that Suzuki wanted for a new one.

What's amazing. I shipped it on a Monday and got it back on a Friday. Now that's fast service.

After I got the radiator back, I called Mr. Myler again and thanked him for providing us dirtbikers an excellant service.


'01 DRZ400S

'00 KTM250exc

I am another satisfied customer. My radiator was so badly damaged i didn't think they could repair it. He said to send it in anyway & low & behold they were able to fix it.

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