Rear shock lower bolt size?

....does anyone know the size of the bolt and the pitch of the thread?

I have stripped the threads on the linkage relay arm where the shock mounts :thumbsup::thumbsup:, might just replace it, or i was thinking of using a thread insert like a helicoil. ideas?

The 450s use a nut on all the linkage and shock that an option? Tdub

first thing i tried, well i went riding and it felt like it was bottoming out but way early.

So after about a half hour fiddling with the clickers i look down at the new longer bolt with the nut on the end and :thumbsup: it had been hitting another part of the linkage and was quite badly bent.

so no it isn't an option...thanks though :thumbsup:

i have sorted it for anyone that cares, used a longer bolt but from the other way and now i have good clearence.

Just a bit worried about it coming loose :thumbsup:

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