Old pictures in 77

I found these old pictures of my dad in 77-79. It was his first bike, a 1977 rm125. He was 15. They pictures werent taken care of so they are in bad condition. Anyways here they are.




i was thinking while looking at the 1st 2 pics, what no open face helmet.then bam 3rd pic there it was.... cool pics

nice find thanx for sharing, ive got some old pix of my dad on a 71 dt250 yamaha, i should dig them up and post them!!!!!!!

Man, that brings back memories... Thanks for posting!

The 1977 RM125B was my first "new" dirt bike, I remember them very well. They were the CR125 "Elsinore Killers", you could take a RM125A cylinder (long bore, short stroke), and bolt it onto your RM125B engine (small bore, long stroke) and you instantly had a 138cc holeshot monster!

thats way cool, wish i had pics of my old man and his bikes from those days.

I have tons of photos from the 70's. I was racing a YZ 400 in '77. It was my first monoshock! Raced an RM 370 twin shock in '76. :thumbsup:

too cool

Pretty cool. I have some pics like that of me back in 85' or 86' riding my 1980 Yz80 :-)

I had a 1980 yz80

loved that bike

I had a 1980 kdx 175 that was a blast until the top end had enough fun.

cool pics thanks for saring. Ride on.......

OOOOOOOOyes the good old days. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Cool pics.... thanks for sharing.

Cool pics, does he still ride, if so what?

Awesome pictures, thanks for the post.

those are to cool thanks for posting

I had a 78 RM250C2, and the same "snap on" face guard like in the 1st 2 pics :thumbsup: , good old days for sure, thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

I dig the stripped socks :thumbsup:

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