problem or not?

hey guys,maybe someone could give some previously been there/done that advice.i have an 01'yz426 that ive had since it was has been pretty much bulletproof.about a year and a half ago i replaced the piston/rings.then i only rode it a few times-it ran like it always had=great,easy starting and such.well i bought a one ind. hurricane kit and stripped the bike down and powdercoated the frame black and put it back together.since then i cannot seem to get it to idle correctly.high idle then it sometimes dies.ive cleaned the carb and played with the pilot but same results.i checked the valves today and i have 2 intake valves that are at.004 and one that will take a .003 but not the you think it could cause my high idle?

Double check the throttle cable routing and free play.

Or an intake leak.

i have gone over the cable-seems okay.i havent checked the intake for a leak-i'll try tomorrow.thanks

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