2000 426 Manual

Hey fellas, just bought my first Yamaha and am really impressed. But the bike didnt come with an operators manual for oil spec and maintanece. Do you guys know of any place on the web to download one. I got the parts manual from the Yamaha site but they wont give out the operators manual. Any help would be appriciated.

You can download an '01 manual Here . The main differences are that the '00 had stainless valves as opposed to titanium, and thus has the following clearance specs:

Intake: .10-.15mm

Exhaust: .25-30mm

Otherwise, the only big difference is that the balancer drive gear on the '00 was located by a square key (refer to the parts catalog crankshaft page), where the later ones are splined.

Greatly appreciate the help. Talk to you in the future.

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