Oversized Tank/Seat Position

What oversized tank allows the original seat position or as close as possible. I need a larger tank, but the ones I have see so far make the seat look like a XR400. We commonly do 80+ mile rides, and carrying a gallon of gas on my back sucks for the first 40. I just sold a XR400, and hated the seat style compared to my WR. It sounds like most like the ACERBIS, but I don't want another ski jump keeping me from sliding forward.

IMS tanks look good, but sounds like crap quality.

Clarke tanks also look good, but waste of time since they don't hold much fuel.

Acerbis tanks do seem to be the go, good positioning, lots of fuel, best quality. I just have to wait till mine turns up!

Acerbis 3.3 Gallon is a fantastic tough tank. :thumbsup: Needs some minor mods for durability with the petcock lever and T line upgrades are a must. Yes the front of the tank is big ski slope but you can move forward to the front of the seat quite easily. :thumbsup:

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