DR200 carb and pipe upgrades

This is for the folks out there that are sitting on the fence and are waiting to do the klintech upgrades to their DR200. I finally did them on my wifes 200 after cleaning the carb 3 different times for the fast idle and non return to idle issue and finally got tired of messing around with it and got the klintech pipe tweak and jet kit. God what a difference, i am kicking myself for not doing it 6 months ago when the carb started with the idle issues. Totally the best thing for it. Dealing with Jesse was painless as well.

The throttle response is perfect, it pulls where it did not before and even all the way to redline, it feels like it can get out of its own way for a change and even with my weight (250) it made it over 65 mph with stock gears on the test drive!!!! Even got idle and choke back the way it should be. Shame on suzuki for making that bike soooooo lean from the factory

Pipe now sounds a bit louder but not much.

excellent mod for anyone interested.

I am not associated with klintech in any way, just one real happy customer.

i wish he had some visual instructions or any instructions as at all as to what to do with the new extended fuel screw. i couldnt figure that one out. otherwise the mods are well worth the $$ spend. i think it was just short of 100$ with shipping for both mods.

I'm new to this, where do you get / order this mod kit(s)?

hey sam. I am sort of on the fence but its great to see your post. I just bought a DR200 and I have having the same issues. Hesitation just off idle and high idle and general non-smoothness in throttle response. Throttle seems very sensitive. I'm not very experienced in working on carbs but it seems like a should try messing around with the carb for a while before I rejet. Or maybe I should just do the upgrade. There is only one re-jet kit for the DR 200 huh? Did you do an airbox mod as well? thanks for the post!


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