Cleaned Carb 600 wont stay lit

they would just stare at the pulse-charged injection, at a shop rate.

QUOTE] you by any chance have a McCord Power Flow pulse charged intake manifold on your bike?????

Yes, I do have a McCord Pulse Charge Injection on my bike, but I never mentioned it, because it never figured into my bike running, or not running.

In fact, when I installed it years ago, the bike started on the first kick, and produced more power immediately, without incident.

Because the principals are not so familiar, I omitted it, so as not to draw attention to it.

The bike ran fine the last time I rode it. It sat for about Six months (unintentional), then I broke the carb loose to put a new choke plate on it, and I've been cleaning the thing for the last two weeks, and trying to start it.

No incident other than sitting.

When you say it bogs when you try to rev it makes me think it's too rich. Are you sure you're opening the choke plate and not closing it? Maybe backwards from before the change? You didn't leave a rag in the intake, right?

No Rag,

Bogs like there isn't a pilot circuit to provide a smaller ratio to gradual increase revs...

Yes, I do have a McCord Pulse Charge Injection on my bike..

I had a McCord setup on a '96 XR280, I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that it did give the bike a little extra punch, all the way from idle to top RPMs. Anyway, if you haven't already tried it, leave the petcock on long enough to allow the float bowl to fill, then shut the petcock off and take the drain screw out of the bottom of the carb and see just how much gas is in there, maybe there is just not enough. Have you looked through the slow jet to make sure it is not clogged? Sometimes a little piece of crap gets in there and is really difficult to get out. Your problem reminds me of a similar situation I had several years ago with an '85 XR350. I had been servicing the bike, oil change, clean air filter, etc., and when I tried to start it, it acted similar to the problem you are having. To make a long story short, I had put a rag in the airbox to keep any crud from getting in while I was cleaning the air filter and forgot to take it out. Took me a while to figure it out.


You can join me in being an "urban myth" as to the effectiveness of Pulse-Charging. Most have dismissed it, but I really know it makes my 600 pretty good, without a cam, or larger piston and compression (heat).

Anyway, I'm taking the carb off again, and I'm soaking it in carb cleaner for twenty-four hours, cant think of anything else to do.


Still Soaking.....

To all on the Forum:

I did a pretty decent write-up in the Jetting Section, but this topic is DEAD!

I highly recommend EDDIE as a great source of information, and he's like a bulldog, he just keeps coming back.

Mountain Madness is the WINNER! His "Soak the Carb in a Bucket of Carb Cleaner for 24 hours" entry was No. 1.

There is a hidden passage between the pilot screw and the slow jet that is impossible to get air or liquid directly on, so the soaking did the trick.

The real moral of the story is GO RIDING MORE! and stupid things like this wont happen

Thanks to all who kept on plugging at my problem!

XR600 Rips!

Im just finishing up my xr600,planning on a ride on Sunday morn....let me know if you are interested,probably be on the east side,but we are open to suggestions.....

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