WR Stator and now Street Legal

I thought I would post this for those who are trying to plate their bikes. I got a lot of help from some of you and am very grateful! :thumbsup: Here is my 01 yz426 that has the WR stator, Baja design tail light, UFO front light and a Bell bicycle speedo. I am in Ontario Canada and do not need signal lights or battery. I had to make my own mounting bracket for the sensor. :thumbsup:





Nice bike! Just out of curiousity, how much is your insurance? I am taking mine off the street this summer because insurance is costing me an arm and a leg.

Looks great, how much wattage does the wr stator put out..??

What did the stator cost ya..??

Sure wish we could do that and make our off road bikes street leagle in Alabama. The laws used to allow it but will not anymore. I would love to motard my YZ450 and ride it on the road.

Insurance is $500 a year. I am not sure what the wattage is but the lights are very bright. They are 2 35watt bulbs. I think it is rated at 120watts. The stator and rotor cost me around $280 US from MRcycles.com. Just had to cut one of the wires and ground it out on on the stator.

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