426 question

alright I got my 2002 YZ426F a few days ago, and I was riding it today and I pulled in the clutch and let the throttle out all the way and it died, it started back up fine but it did this a few times later on is this normal. I'm new to the four stroke bikes and I'm just wondering if I should be worried or not. I'm thinkin it could possible be the jetting but what do you guys think?

Are you saying the idle is coming down so lot it's dying? You may just need to bump the idle up a little bit...


Stock 426's stall notoriously easy. You will need to:

A. Add flywheel weights. This gives your engine a little more momentum, but also makes it rev a bit slower. (Not always a bad thing)

B. Install a Revloc clutch. Eliminates stalling and makes the 426 a climbing monster.


C. Add more throttle when letting out the clutch.

Could be that there's something wrong with the clutch basket

I have an 01 and sometimes if I get too impatient and turn the choke off too soon it will suddenly just cut out but all I do is restart it and continue on my way

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