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headlight bulbs on euro bikes

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Hi all,

I recently fitted an official Yamaha euro road legal kit to my WR400. The kit came with a new headlight unit using a conventional bulb (35/35 watt).Well this sunday a stone

went through it. The yamaha dealer is looking at £50 for a new one.

My question is can I use the standard light

unit and run with the standard 60/65 watt

halogen bulb.I'll have to rig up the high beam I know. I dont have indicators fitted

just the rear stop/tail, speedo light,horn,

and the high and low beams.

In fitting the halogen bulb will it cause

anything else not to work as its using more power ???.

Any help is appreciated

john in england

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Sorry but I don't have an answer on your headlamp dilema but I do think that if the headlamp is glass that a 60/65 would be fine.

My reason for this post is to ask if you might have a single part # for the crank vent tube that comes in the street legal kit. If my memory serves me correctly in an earlier post you said that it vents into the airbox with this hose.I tried to get the part# from the YAMI dealer here, and the guy gave me every excuse in the book why he could not get that part.



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John are you using a voltage regulator/rectifier and battery setup in your conversion? Most people seem to have problems running down the battery with a standard 60/55 W bulb. Even with the 130 W stator found on the 2000's or better I am using straight AC to run the lights, brake switch. on a 99WR (80 W stator winding. I use a small gel cell to run the signals and the horn on a total loss basis ie does not recharge while you ride. To recharge the system I have a Battery Tender that hooks into my wiring harness. I have found that the battery is more than sufficient to power the signals and horn for a weekend of riding. Then again I don't use the horn and signal only when necessary. Most of the signalling is done inadvertantly in rough terrain! Dang should have had a switch in line to shut the DC off when the going gets tough.

Someone said that it is possible to run a horn off of AC. If this is indeed possible and you don't need signals, this is probably the route to go.



ps in answer to your question, yes I think you can use the standard unit.

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