Pre-06 YZ450 Hard to sell???

It seems I've been trying to sell my 04 YZ450 for almost 4 months now with very few bites and no one that's been too interested in it. Is anyone else having the same problem??? I've seen CRF's around the same year sell like hot cakes while my 450 just sits there. What's the deal with that????? :thumbsup: Asking only $3500 too. :thumbsup:

I can relate,I've had an 05 RMZ 450 with less than 4 hrs. on it @ 4900 o.b.o. since prior to Christmas,had a few calls but not one person has seen it.It does seem odd because I usually sell a bike just about every year and the longest time to sell until now,was 3 weeks.Must be the "booming" economy :thumbsup:

Its due to the huge changes now in the 06 model. Its changed dramatically due to the alloy frame. No doubt the stores will be flogging off some brand new 05 models to get them out the door now that the 06 has come in. Thats whats happening here in Australia. No one wants a steel frame now, when you can go alloy. Not to say that there is anything wrong with the steel frame. I have a 04 YZF myself that I bought early 05 brand new. At least I didnt pay full price for it, so it wont hurt as much when I sell. Still sucks though!

hey u aint kiddin... i also had an 04 YZ450F... I couldnt sell it.....nobody even came to look at it. I finally found a dealer that would take it as a trade in without raping me on the price.. so it goes

do you think it might be because its a 4 speed?it also doesnt help with every mag picking the crf as the best 450 every year,for some reason lots of people think honda motorcycles are the best :thumbsup:

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