muffler question.

Hi Everyone

I recently bought a 1999 wr 400.

I have never riden trails before and have only riden on the road back in the UK.

I have been told by some friends i need to silence my bike down a little because i could get a fine from the US forestry.

Has anyone any recomendations.Make etc;

Thanks for any help you can give me.

All the best John.

Has it got the stock muffler on it or an aftermarket one on it?

I would definately start with a muffler repack, when was the last time it had one?

If you have a stock WR pipe, it is not rebuildable. You have some choices on making it quieter using a muffler insert. Yamaha GYTR sells one, but it usually falls apart. Promoto billet used to make one, but I heard they don't sell it anymore. That leaves the Quietip from quiet products( and one other (maybe vortip?) to choose from. Good news is that the stock pipe has a spark arrestor already.

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